Hand Chiseled Granite Hot and Cold Serving Platters (Footed and Polished)
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These hand chiseled granite hot and cold serving platters make the perfect housewarming gifts. They work great for meat and cheese presentation or can be placed in the oven or in the freezer to keep your food warm or cold up to 2 hours.
Please note that patterns, sizes/shapes and colors may vary as these are natural stones.

Small Slab: (approximately salad plate size)

$35 each

Medium Slab: (approximately dinner plate size)

$40 each

Large Slab: (approximately 10x13)

$65 each

****Please note that we have made every effort to smooth all chiseled edges however caution is advised as some areas may be sharp. Please handle with care.

***Please note that granite will be hot when removing from the oven, please use hot pads and handle with care.


$35.00 - $65.00